Configuration Management Best Practices

When it comes to their software processes, many companies struggle to create secure and reliable systems. We help you establish Lean IT controls, so that you can accelerate your application delivery and save time and money.

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DevOps Principles

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Application Lifecycle Methodology (ALM)

All of the tasks, dependencies, and outcomes required to achieve the desired results.

Infrastructure as Code

Writing robust automation to build and verify the systems you will use. 

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

The ability to deliver value to the customer at a high level of velocity.

Continuous Integration

Taking code from two or more developers, integrating and testing the code to ensure that it can work harmoniously. 


Continuous Security

Incorporating security into the project from its conception to completion, including design, development, and delivery.


Systems Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Building code to monitor and ensure that systems have 100% reliability. 

Achieve IEEE Certification

Learn how to implement IEEE 2675-2021
with Working Group Chair, Bob Aiello

Technical principles and processes to build, package, and deploy systems and applications in a reliable and secure way are specified. Establishing effective compliance and information technology (IT) controls is the focus. DevOps principles presented include mission first, customer focus, left-shift, continuous everything, and systems thinking. How stakeholders, including developers and operations staff, can collaborate and communicate effectively is described. The process outcomes and activities herein are aligned with the process model specified in ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207:2017 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015.

Companies We’ve Helped

“Robert is a dedicated professional who manages complex projects across numerous platforms and operating systems. He is a key contributor at CM Crossroads and possesses tremendous technical and communications skills across the IT industry. His personal commitment to the success of every project he is tasked to work on is outstanding!”


Senior I/T Specialist, IBM

“I met Bob when he was brought in to Bear Stearns to take charge of the integration process and, later, the firm’s source code management system – a critical pillar of our systems, and one in which process is vital, but which frankly had not previously received as much attention as it required. Bob revolutionized our approach, creating not only a process from scratch, but painstakingly and patiently educating the firm’s IT community in both it and in the product we used at the time (Clearcase).”


Senior Engineer, American Express

“I’ve known Bob for a number of years now and in that time I have always found him to be a man of great principles and honor. It was with great pleasure that I found he had accepted the position of EiC at CM Crossroads. Bob will be exceptional in this role as he is very knowledgeable of the subject matter (CM), is well rounded all aspects of ALM and security and is very reasonable and easy to work with.”


DevOps Consultant